Ocer/Campion Opening Page

Ocer Campion was established with an aim of rebuilding and restoring hope to the children and the families of Northern Uganda after two decades of civil war. With its establishment in 2010, the school has already restored the hopes of many families and children in the region. The school has not only given them a chance at excellent education but has also become a place of healing and reconciliation.

The mission of Ocer Campion Jesuit College is committed to “promoting young men and women to progress through learning, loving and serving thus molding students to become ethical, principled and responsible leaders.”

At the center of the work at Ocer, is the belief that each person is unique, created in God’s image and with a variety of gifts and talents. It is our role as a Catholic Jesuit school to enable each girl and boy to develop those gifts and talents in the education of the whole person. We strive to develop persons who are well rounded intellectually, morally and spiritually. We put great emphasis on developing and instilling in our students a reverence to the dignity of all people and to realize the holiness of all creation.