Calendar Sales


Yearly Fund Raising Calendars

Each Spring, I photograph students from St. Augustine and Red Cloud Indian Schools
dressed in their powwow regalia. They are then featured in each of their schools calendars.
Powwows are held regularly on the reservations and are a great source of cultural pride.
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St. Augustine Indian Mission
Winnebago, Nebraska

St. Augustine Indian Mission in Winnebago, Nebraska is a Catholic grade school founded by St. Katharine Drexel in
1909 to serve the children of the Omaha and Winnebago Reservations. The fund raising calendar, which I began photographing in 2002 has won numerous awards as best
non-profit calendar in America.


Red Cloud Indian School
Pine Ridge, South Dakota

Red Cloud Indian School, is a Catholic school administered
by the Jesuits and the Lakota people of Pine Ridge, South Dakota. In 1997 I began to photograph the students in their pow wow regalia for the school’s fund raising calendars.